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--The fastest way to get your miniature village up and running--

The dusk light crept in around her as Aerin, Priestess of Denmourn stepped into a small clearing that must have been considered a village square to someone. Her journey to the Mines of Miradus had been long, and she had lost many friends in the venture.

Seven, perhaps eight buildings lined the small dirt path she had been trudging along for these long cold days of winter. A dim light shown out from one of the slant roofed homes ahead, and her weary limbs propelled her forward.

Two loud raps on the door later and an elderly gentleman answered.

"May I help you, stranger?"

"The night Is dark and cold, I seek shelter and yours is the only building with some life within it. I have papers of the Church of Denmourn that show my authority."

A slight nod and the latches to the door clicked as firelight shone from the entry. The small home was sparse but welcoming.

"It is not much, but if I have some room for you over in the corner. Please, come on in. We have not had visitors for some time... not since my old Mira passed away from the fever, and the church closed down."

"We?" The word hung in the air as the door closed behind her, somewhere... whispers could be heard.

About the author: Doug Humphries is an avid gamer and English teacher.

Two small miniature figurines standing near a well with three legacy slant houses behind them.
Two characters meet mid day in the lazy village near the Mines of Miradus.

Close up photo of the Stone Textured Legacy Slant House
This stone house seems secure enough for a safe overnight.

One miniature figurine shown in the interior of the house with beds and nightstands placed on their one inch squares.
The weary traveler checks the room, and is ready to call it a night.


Magus Effects Legacy Miniature Slant Houses are about 6" x 4" x 2" They are the perfect size for tabletop gaming 25 mm scale. The grid squares on the inside floor are one inch square.

How to assemble the Legacy Slant Houses from the "Flat-Pack"

SUPPLIES NEEDED:Magus Effects Legacy Slant House - Flat Pack

TOOLS NEEDED:Superglue or wood glue

STEP 1: Open the package from Magus Effects and examine the pieces. There should be a floor and roof, two side walls, a back wall, a front wall, one window and one door for each house ordered.

STEP 2: Use a paper towel or cloth to brush off any sawdust from the surface. Use a bit of sandpaper or a file to remove any leftover wood from the notches and holes that will fit together."

    PRO TIP: Glue the window and door in place on the front wall before assembly.

STEP 3: Put the four walls together, and hold them together with your hands as you guide the tabs into the floor grooves. Then once the base of the house is assembled guide the tabs into the two holes in the roof.

    PRO TIP: Glue is optional on the walls, floor and ceiling. The pieces will usually hold together without glue.

STEP 4: Style the house however you want and enjoy your game!

Total Time:10 minutes

How to build Magus Effects Slant Houses - Tabletop RPG Terrain


The Legacy Series provides the opportunity for storytellers to make the small frontier communities a reality. Whether it is a small village with a few squat houses, or squat homes built along the walls of a city to fit just that many more souls within. The first of this ambitious series: Our "slant-style" buildings; provide small, yet detailed terrain pieces that come in a variety of styles (Brick, Stone, and Lumber). Each comes with detailed rooves, windows, and doors. Inside each piece is a one-inch grid floor for your gaming needs. Buy them individually to slowly build your setting, or in sets of three to build quickly at an affordable price.

Legacy Series Slant-Style House for Terrain and Tabletop Gaming
Role Playing Miniature Buildings for DND or wargaming
Brick House - $12.99

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Legacy Series Slant-Style House for Terrain and Tabletop Gaming
Role Playing Miniature Buildings for DND or wargaming
Stone House - $12.99

*Eligible to be selected as a SMALL GIFT

Legacy Series Slant-Style House for Terrain and Tabletop Gaming
Role Playing Miniature Buildings for DND or wargaming
Wood House - $12.99

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