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Contact us at 480-788-1745 or message us or connect with us on our socials. We would love to help you design, build or customize your project!

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Here are some of the things we can make for you!

We will make your custom sign.

Whether you need a custom keep out sign, a delivery instruction sign, or anything else, contact us to help you make your own personalized statement! Email info@MagusEffects.com

Patreon GIFTS!

In this video, we're giving away the monthly project, a custom Magus Effects original GAFFI STICK! Go to https://www.patreon.com/maguseffects to become part of the experience! When your turn comes, you can select either the project of the month (as they did) or you can pick your gift from the WALL OF PRIZES.

We are here to help YOU build YOUR dreams!
We support our fellow makers, and junior makers, as well as all the STEM / STEAM programs out there. If we can help you with your project, please reach out! You can also POST ABOUT YOUR PROJECTS and we can collaborate on our Maker's Tips Facebook Group!

Insta-build Slant Houses - Tabletop RPG Terrain

Home Hack - Plastic Container Infill and Repair

We can help you with CUSTOM DESIGNED 2D and 3D files for laser cutting or 3D printing, Custom Home Decor and Storage Solutions, Custom Wall Art, Prints, or Layered Wood Art, Geek and Gaming items, Props or STEM builds. We can make 3D files or CNC files or STLs or 3MF files from virtually any 2D picture. Email Travis@MagusEffects.com with your special request for a custom, printable, 3D or CNC file

Easy, Fit together - MODULAR SPICE RACKS!

These spice racks come in boxes of 8, 10, or 30 and fit under 2 inches, and 2 inch round spices and K-cups. You can purchase these unassembled or assembled and buy as many boxes as you want. We have both vertical or horizontal, endless spice storage that can be custom fit to your kitchen.

French Cleat Hanging Modular Storage System

We provide the hanging bar shown here that is exactly the length you need for the number of spice boxes (horizontal or vertical) in your system. Click the video to see how easy it is to hang! Screw holes are already cut, just screw in the screws, and hang the spice boxes!


Scroll down on this page to see some files that we have created to get you started on your building; there are also more 3D and laser files available on Etsy. (see demo video). If you don't have a 3D printer at home, there are 3D printers at schools, libraries, colleges and you can get 3D model files printed around town, even at the UPS store! We highly recommend checking out local makerspaces / hackerspaces to collaborate with other makers. Here is a link to a list of these amazing makerspaces / hackerspaces. https://wiki.hackerspaces.org/List_of_ALL_Hacker_Spaces

How to assemble mini lanterns.

This is a fun project for kids. The mini lanterns come with one electric candle each, or you can use them as pen-holders! Also, eligible to be chosen as a SMALL GIFT.

An invisible 360 degree wooden hinge!

This 360 degree hinge is an original Magus Effects creation. We were working on a FLIPPING work table, (router on one side, power saw on the other.) We also thought it would be fun to use this on a a fold down, fold out, fold closed work table.

--Available on this website, on Amazon Handmade, and also on Etsy.


THIS was one of our very first Patreon project giveaways! It went to a very happy Patron on https://www.Patreon.com/MagusEffects. Become a Patron of any amount to get your turn to get the project of the month or a GIFT from the WALL OF PRIZES.


Photo ART - Grunge Graphic Novel (side view)
Better than social media filters, we customize in many amazing styles. Watercolor, grunge, comic, pop art, etc. Order your specialized enlarged art canvas print of your favorite photo or landscape today! (Special Order Only)


Dragon Hunter 20 x 12 Custom Layered Wooden Wall Art, Custom Layered Dragon Hunter Picture

Would Poop Here Again Funny Engraved Bathroom Sign | 8x10 Potty Humor Home Decor | Wall Hanging Humorous Quotes- $22.99
view video    More Details & Payment Options on Etsy!
Also, eligible to be chosen as a SMALL GIFT.

Large Photocube (4x4 inches) with light up lithographic luminary
   More Details & Payment Options on Etsy!

30, 60, 90, 120 or more Spice Rack | Hanging Spice Rack Storage System. Buy as many spice boxes as you need to hang 30 5.0 centimeter spice jars per box. Makes a beautiful Modular kitchen spice rack system - $82.99
  see video    More Details & Payment Options on Etsy!

Fruit of the Spirit Cross Memory Tree home decor with Removable Fruits to carry all day. Magnetic Pogs are bible verse triggers
  see video    More Details & Payment Options on Etsy!
Also, eligible to be chosen as a LARGE GIFT.

Custom Pen Holder or Storage Box| home decor - Store bracelets, coins, dice, or other small treasures - $74.99
(enter up to 11 characters in special instructions)
   More Details & Payment Options on Etsy!

3D Print Spaceship Toy OBJ STL Model Files

Buy Now for $6.99.

Hold up to 150 Teas with this hanging or freestanding Tea Storage System
Buy as many tea boxes as you need to hold up to 150 teas per box. Tell us if you want the standing or hanging model in special instructions. Makes a beautiful Modular kitchen storage - $169.99
see video    More Details & Payment Options on Etsy!

Legacy Series Slant-Style House for Terrain and Tabletop Gaming
Role Playing Miniature Buildings for DND or wargaming
Brick House - $12.99
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Also, eligible to be chosen as a SMALL GIFT.

Tribal Celtic Circle Wooden Dice Box | RPG, DND Gaming Magnetic Dice Holder
Also, eligible to be chosen as a LARGE GIFT.

8 inch, super large, 20 sided
"I think you're cheating" RPG DND 20 sided wooden gaming dice
see video
Also, eligible to be chosen as a LARGE GIFT.
3D Print Rocket Launcher Model

Kids STEM Project - Save the file, open in any 3D program to teach kids 3D modeling, hollow out the model add LEDs, or for advanced Stem, put the body parts on servos and teach arduino control! STL and OBJ Model files for Instant Digital Download
Only $9.99 Buy Now

His Presence 20 x 12 Layered Wooden Wall Art, Custom Layered Wood Cut Pictures

We can make 3D files from virtually any 2D picture.
Email Ogunshi@MagusEffects.com with your special request for a custom 3D file!