- Specializing in: 2D-3D Design, Storage Design, & Laser Cutting.
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Storage and Home Decor
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Custom Armor Builds
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        Meet Your Makers:

  • 15 years experience as craftsmen with the SCA.
  • 13 years experience creating props, costumes and weapons for gaming groups, fantasy groups and LARPS.
  • 15 years working with technical theatre productions and prop houses.
  • 20 years experience with Digital Retouching, Effects, Video and Photo Editing.
  • 5 years creating movie make up effects, and latex creations.
  • Award winning costumes, props and effects.

  Name: Rebekah  Name: Ogunshi
Title: Web Designer Title: Sr. Craftsman
Job: Web design and programming, quality control. Job: Creating new ideas and concepts for weapons and armour.
    Craft:Chainmail, Leatherworking, Weaponsmith, Costume design, and Propmaster.

Magus Effects is an up and coming speciality shop. We focus on more than just 3d printing, laser cutting, waterjet design.  We also specialize in movie special effects props and weapons and armor.  Finally we are also a full studio, for photo, film as well as sound. We have a 3d modeling department, a graphic design department and everything you need for your rapid prototyping!

We have been creating custom props, weapons and chainmail for the last 15 years. Every member of our staff strives to make the best quality items we can, from a simple pair of earrings to a full set of armour and weapons for LARP combat. We feel that through good craftsmenship and reasonable prices we can add to the LARP community as well as other groups. Not only is each of our staff a craftsmen in his or her own right, but are also a LARPer themselves and know the demands placed on the items that are used at games and events. Each item we create is tested for quality and durability before it leaves our shop.

3D Printed Items

3D Printing of: Resin / Wood / ABS / PLA / Ninjaflex.  Dragon Display: Resin printed clear and tinted red.
Special Order Only)


Laser Etched Items

Designs Engraved Into: Resin / Wood / Plastics / Some Painted and Coated Metals
(Special Order Only)

3D Modeling and Design


Your Design or Mine.
Output to GCode or CNC
so these can be made out of
a multitude of materials!
(Special Order Only)

Email Ogunshi@MagusEffects.com with your special request.